National Association for Blind – Fund Raiser

Utah Marathi Mandal in co-ordination with Dr. Ashok Joshi is raising funds for National Association for Blind, Maharashtra.

National association for the Blind, Unit Maharashtra (aka NAB) was established in 1984 with the sole purpose to rid the blind and multiple disabled persons from the centuries old shackles of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, social ostracism and eventually bring them in the main stream of the society.

All welfare activities NAB carries out for visually impaired and multiply disabled persons are funded and supported by local industries, business establishments, and many philanthropists. The funds are mainly utilized for education, vocational training, employment, medical assistance, and rehabilitation of these underprivileged and socially ignored class of the society.

As COVID-19 plays havoc with humanity all over the world, imagine the plight of our unfortunate brothers and sisters with physical disabilities and special needs like the blind. A great majority of us are relatively well-to- do people for whom this horrible pandemic is mostly a mere inconvenience, nothing much beyond it. However, for the blind from poor families, it is an existential issue. India has the largest number of blind or visually impaired people, some with multiple disabilities. The National Association for the Blind (NAB) is a major NGO in India providing yeoman service to the blind.

Here are some of the expenses for the students from 5th to 10th std.

  1. One years educational expenses of visually impaired or disabled child: $350
  2. One years educational Books & Kit: $40
  3. Transportation (Pick up & drop) cost per year for visually impaired and disabled students: $70
  4. Meal will be offered annually on your desired day to all our visually impaired school girls for 10 years: $500

We encourage you come forward and help with this noble cause.

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Venmo Handle: utah-marathi. Please mention: National Association for Blind or NAB



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Donations Received

Thank you to all donors who have made contributions to this initiative.

  • Santosh Harnekar
  • Tejaswini Vaidya
  • Prasad Trilokekar
  • Amit Chavan
  • Shriwas Ashtaputre
  • Sandeep Chavan
  • Anurag Bhavsar
  • Kshitij ray
  • Mallesh
  • Pankaj Patil
  • Archana Yadav
  • Anouska Yadav
  • Sandeep Rane
  • Anup Bhawalkar
  • Mayur Pandit
  • Varun Kamble
  • Rohit Sonawale
  • Manoj Gangwar
  • Shilpi Verma
  • Shraddha Chaudhari
  • Ashok Joshi
  • Dinesh Chaudhari
  • Dharmesh Shroff
  • Vijay Lambore
  • Gaurav Patwardhan
  • Gauri Sontakke

List last updated on 8/25/2020, 10:00 am

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