All our events are members-only events. Though, sometimes we may offer tickets for purchase at the event registration desk; but usually, we don’t prefer that.

Membership duration is for 1 year from January to December. All our memberships are renewed annually in January or during the first event of the year.

Membership Benefits

Opportunity to give back to our society

  • The satisfaction of supporting a vibrant Marathi community
  • Opportunity to do social work
  • Partnership with kids in volunteering
  • Newcomers to Utah have immediate access to the Maharashtrian community

Key Benefits

  • A free copy of quarterly Aarambh Magazine
  • Access to UMM Library
  • Gifts during certain events
  • No additional cost for your parents or in-laws visiting from India or staying with you
  • Discounted stall fees. During a few events, depending on feasibility, we allow our members to keep stalls
  • Rights to give feedback. Rights to nominate yourselves during elections. Voting Rights through the election process and good governance

Marathi Network

  • Make New Friends: Access to other Marathi members around SLC-Utah
  • Opportunity for professional networking

Promote Culture

  • Flourish Marathi culture in Utah so our younger generation can learn and appreciate the culture
  • Keeping in touch with our Marathi roots
  • A platform for cultural programs: You and your children get to participate in different events to show your talents or learn new skills
  • Enjoy events, performances and other quality programs
Above all, Membership helps Mandal in organizing quality events. Your contribution helps us sustain the expenses that incur in hosting such quality events.


Register / Renew your membership

Individual30.00 USDIndividual membership.
Family100.00 USDFamily of 4 (kids over age 5)
Family80.00 USDCouple or Family with kids under age 5
Your membership confirmation will be emailed to you.
Utah Marathi Mandal
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