Membership duration is for one year, from January to December. All our memberships are renewed annually in January or during the year’s first event.

Membership Benefits

  • Free access and/or discounted tickets to members at UMM events.

  • For Family membership Only – No additional cost for non resident (visiting)parents or in-laws for events (Max 4 tickets per year) Other guests or friends to purchase tickets at non members rates

  • A free online copy of the Aarambh Magazine

  • Access to UMM Library

  • Access to Youth program for high school and grad college students. (Volunteer hr certificates for high school students as per hrs worked)

  • Eligible to register for marathi Shala for kids .

  • Voting Rights through the election process

  • Right to nominate yourself for umm committee

  • Access to BMM program that might get extended to UMM

Above all, Membership helps Mandal in organizing quality events. Your contribution helps us sustain the expenses that incur in hosting such quality events.


Register / Renew your membership for Jan-2024 to Dec-2024.

Type Discounted Fee Until
Jan 11, 2024
Fees From
Jan 12, 2024
Individual 65.00 USD 70.00 USD Individual membership. Couple or Family with all kids under 5 yrs will be 140$. Please purchase individual membership twice.
Family 185.00 USD 200.00 USD Includes immediate family within the same household (Parents and Kids). Any other guests/family members will have to buy separate memberships. Will include free entry to visiting nonresident parents and in-laws only (max 4 tickets in a year). For any other guests will have to buy event tickets.
Individual Senior Citizen 45.00 USD 50.00 USD Senior citizen age 65 years and older
Student 25.00 USD 30.00 USD Valid for University undergraduate Students with a valid student Id .
Utah Marathi Mandal