How do I become a UMM member?

Please visit http://utahmarathi.com/membership page

How do I volunteer for events?

Please email umm@utahmarathi.com with subject   “Interested in volunteering.”

I do not receive email from Utah marathi mandal.

Please email umm@utahmarathi.com with subject  “Add {your-name} to the umm emailing list.”

How do I become part of UMM committee?

Paid members elect UMM committee every two years.  There are two different type of UMM committees:

1. Executive Committee (two years tenure) – made of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. These three are elected positions and following is the process of election:
1) Before DIWALI (the last event) of UMM committee’s calendar, email is sent out to all the paid members of UMM about the election process for a new committee.

2) Election officer is appointed for the same and is given the responsibility to conduct fair elections as per the constitution.

3) Election officer invites nomination for core committee positions like President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

4) The election is conducted if there are multiple applications for the core committee position.

2. Extended Committee – This committee is made up of members who volunteer and dedicated time to help UMM Executive Committee. Any UMM member can send the request to the Executive committee to join, and based on need Executive committee appoint the member.

For any other inquiry  contact us: umm@utahmarathi.com


Utah Marathi Mandal