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Aarambh Flyer 2020

Aarambh Flyer 2020

Creativity Takes Courage – Henri Matisse.

Hello Everyone,

Aarambh magazine’s first edition of 2020 would be launched during the Gudhi Padwa Event.

We are calling for articles to be featured in the magazine. Please submit your articles in the Google Form link given below. All articles would also be published on our website.

Some ideas for writing article

  • An essay, poem, story, etc.
  • Article on your school project.
  • A painting that you made.
  • Write about places that you visited in the US, India, etc.
  • Write about your favourite recipe.
  • Share your experiences (not limited to) – teaching, parenting, volunteering, household projects, investment, buying a house, etc.
  • Anything that you feel is worth sharing with the Marathi Community.


  • Articles on any topic that is worthy of sharing with the Marathi Community is welcomed.
  • Articles should be at least half a page. If it’s less than that, then please contact us.
  • Please do not write about or include any controversial topics in your article.
  • We want to have a soft copy of your article so we can manage the formatting as per the magazine layout.
  • You can submit more than one article. Each entry needs to be registered separately.

Important Dates

Last date for submitting articles: 14th March 2020.


Editorial Team

Like last year, this year also Aarambh Team is comprised of members from our community including teens. Our team members are:

  • Aakash Kulkarni
  • Aarav Gore
  • Anoushka Yadav
  • Aryan Zodge
  • Neal Chavan
  • Ojas Kulkarni
  • Sharva Harnekar
  • Shubhada Rampure
  • Sucheta Wagh
  • Swayam Sakpal
  • Yash Chavan


  • Articles would be reviewed for appropriateness.
  • Aarambh or UMM Committee will not be responsible for copyrights related to the articles.
  • Make sure you have permissions to use the content in case the content is not your own work or you are submitting on behalf of someone.
  • Any edits that we do in your article will be restricted to just formatting and typos.


Reach out to us at –



Aarambh Editorial Team

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