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Gudhi Padwa & Shiv Jayanti Celebration 0

Gudhi Padwa & Shiv Jayanti Celebration

Let’s Celebrate Gudhi Padwa And Shiv Jayanti. Resonating Dhol Tasha, vibrant performances, delicious food, company of friends & family. New year celebration can’t get better than this! The entry to the festival is free...

Gudi Padwa 2015 0

Gudi Padwa 2015

Come Celebrate the Marathi New year -Gudi Padwa with UMM. We will have performances by community members. Lunch will be served. Ticket Pricing: Gold Members : Free Silver Members :$5/person Non Members :10$/person We...

Gudi Padwa 2012 0

Gudhi Padwa 2012

UMM Gudhi Padwa 2012 Thank you all for making Gudhi Padwa 2012 a successful event! It was a fun event marking the start of the Hindu New Year. The event was held on 31st...

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